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Lambent ASP.NET Interview Questions
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Hi, I am a fresher. i have a problem related to DataGrid . i have a data grid and i have to place a dropdown in the datagrid.and i have to retrieve the values from the database (sqlserver).please tell me any idea about the code.

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hi i have a problem regarding to datagrid in aspdotnet.i have a datagrid in my application.i have to place add,edit,delete buttons or links what ever it may be. now the problem is if i click on add button then the page has to redirected to another form called "xyz.aspx" and if i click on edit button the page has to redirected to another form called "abc.aspx".i am phasing the problem that if where ever i click on the datagrid the cursor goes to gv1_SelectedIndexChanged event.please tell me the solution about the code.

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Lambent ASP.NET Interview Questions

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