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Keltron Interview Questions
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Which of the following holy place is popularly called Dakshina Kasi : (a) Sresailam (b) Annavaram (c) Alampur (d) Yadagiri

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I wanna write ISTQB Exam,but i am not aware of that exam,so could anyone please help me for that where can i get the dump questions? and How much the fee will be? and How to prepare? and all that. Senthil, Sr.Software Tester, HCL Technologies Ltd,Chennai.

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what is the speed of mixie?

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in the farm,water tank of 8000 litter capacity situated in 12 meter above.Farm owner want to lift 7000 litter of water within 7 minute to water tank of 12 meter above.which motor having HP rating is suitable for pumping??

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