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ITcom SAP HR (Human Resource Management) Interview Questions
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1.what is transport request? 2.what are the security feature for SAP? 3.What is T-Code LSMW used for? 4.Can we extract payroll date, if it is yes, how? 5.What are Master Data infotypes and time data infotypes used for payroll? 6. what is the Tcode for creating positions. 7. what are Different Object types 8. What is infotype 0007? what are the fields in it. 9. What are features. what is the feature for daily work schedule? 10 what is Tcode PA10, PA20? 11. There are so many ERP's, why did you opt for SAP only? 12. one more question was on payroll ---like can the payroll data from payroll area k-y can be transfered. (which i did not understand)

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