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IonIdea Interview Questions
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Where are the expected results file will be stored? what is the extension of that?

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By Default if you save a File with just pause statement in the script how it is going to store in winrunner?

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what is tracebility matrix?

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is that compulsory to have Primarykey-forignkey for joints (outer inner,equal)

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What cursor type do you use to retrieve multiple recordsets?

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when to use abstract class and when to use interface?

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Fault-based testing is best reserved for Option 1 Conventional software testing Option 2 Operations and classes that are critical or suspect Option 3 Use-case validation Option 4 White-box testing of operator algorithms

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Real-time applications add a new and potentially difficult element to the testing mix Option 1 performance Option 2 reliability Option 3 security

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if we are deducting TDS on sodexo .4% means , wht the surcharge & cess in that

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Write the possible positive and negative testcases for telephone.

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I want rrb technical,english,objective type questions,all railway exam question papers,loco pilot solved papers . Please send tomy email address

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What is the exact difference between retesting & regression testing? Please advise in detail

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20% of a 6 litre solution and 60% of 4 litre solution are mixed what the % of mixture of solution it is resulted into?

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in the following, A D B G E C F Each of the seven digits from 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 is: a)Represented by a different letter in abov fig: b)Positioned in the fig abov so tht A*B*C,B*G*E,D*E*F are equal. wch does g represents? C

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monkey starts climbing up a tree 20ft tall,each hour ,it hops 3ft and slips back by 2ft .how much time it wil tak to reach top of the tree?

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