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Instill Interview Questions
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(urgent)hi all can any one answer to following questions.i have an interview will be a great help if any one answer to this questions.thanks all. 1.when ever we get a build do we need to do smoke test is it compulsory,and how much do they spend for test. 2.generally all the testcases are stored in which place in real there tool used to store that testcases and test plan,suppose we are using test director can we store all our test cases in it, and where does entire application test cases and test plan is stored assuming that company is using test director. 3.and when we file a bug,and it gets fixed after that do we need to do regressing testing only on that test case or any other test cases the process will be there in real time. 4.when ever a new feature is added to the application do all the test cases to be re executed. 5. can we use toad, winaql in oracle database to access sql queries.

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