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Abbott Everything Else AllOther Interview Questions
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Why you want to change your job so early as you joined your present company just five months back?

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Hi everyone, I'm Lachuu, recently joined automation company as PLC Engineer. I have certain basic question, I request all big gurus and seniors to answer these question. Because this will be very helpful to me as well starters like me. How to design a control circuit (ex: pick & place - my current project) Yamaha robot PxYx series controller RCX222, using 6 cylinder double acting, plc keyence kv p16r 2 expansion unit for input and output each. How to select panel terminal mcb elcb powersupply. My main concern in some projects how to select dc power supply, mcb rcb(I came across dif bt b c d curves, but stil confusing, pls help me :-(. I would really appreciate all who are going respond to this question.


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Abbott Everything Else AllOther Interview Questions
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