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Ignis Technologies ASP.NET Interview Questions
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Which keyword you should use for class not to extend? Which keyword to be used for making the class accessible within the assembly only what are the authentication mode of ASP.NET How will you call a JavaScript function using code-behind? How will you define the Session Timeout? What are the methods to validate client-side whether the input is a correct Date format? You want to write a log when ASP.NET application starts. Which is the best place to write that peice of code? What are the page load events and what is there order? What is the difference between abstract class and interface? What are the differences between DataSet and DataReader? What are the two properties other than DataSource, which is required to populate the Drop Down Menu? What is difference between String and StringBuilder Classes? What are differences between Custom control and User control?

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Ignis Technologies ASP.NET Interview Questions

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