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ICAI Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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How is the Cost of Goods Calculated????

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Bank Overdraf is an Asset or a liability for a Bank?

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Capital secure should be shown in which side of the balance sheet???

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What is the formula of Debt Equity Ratio? Also define its importance in a firm.

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What is an Acrual Interest? In which side of the Balance Sheet, it should be shown????

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What is the diferrence between a balance sheet and a capital account????

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What is stock transfer? for ex: if i purchase a product in chennai and i tranfer it to our branch which is in bangalore. shall the blr office can bill the product to their customer in blr.(purchse frm chennai and bill in blr office is possible?

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Sir,I want to be good in accounting .Now i have got an oppurtunity to work in accounts department but i am average in accounts.So how can i improve and work with effiency guide me with ur tips.


What is brs ?

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