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ICA Taxation Interview Questions
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mr. x earns a salary of rs. 34000 p.m, but mr. x assures that he is going to produce investment suppoting of rs. 69000 eligible u/s 80C but fails to produce how to throughtout the F.Y ho to calculate tds per month???

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Managing Director personal income tax is company exp ? in which a/c ledger we should debit MD income tax amount ? Property tax is exp. or liabilities ?

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Under DVAT ABC is a "company" which has taken contract from Delhi state govt department and subcontracted part of work to XYZ. Where ABC is under composition scheme and XYZ is under normal scheme. Govt deducts 3% WCT from payment to ABC towards vat.Whether subcontractor is liable to pay WCT vat on his turnover though the main contractor has already discharged tax liability on entire turnover? What is the mechanism ?

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