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Create a ViewState Property?


Where i can get the objective type question for Voip. please let me know soon.


My L1B Visa got rejected on 22nd Oct. When can the company file H1B for me. Is there any cooling period required after L1B rejection. Also what is the processing time for H1B Visa


Could someone please send me real check list for Database Security testing.Please my mail ID- Thanks.


  What are the components of the PeopleSoft process Scheduler Architecture?


What is the power capacity of nuclear power plant used in nuclear submarrine?


I want to know whether any fresh batches are starting for APPSC Group 1 coaching at RC Reddy Study Circle and its fee structure, timing, duration and from when the new batches are starting. They are not responding on telephone or by mail. Hence anybody who knows about the same Plz inform to my mail


in retail bussiness if we want the first and last visit of the customer and the total purchase amount of the customer.then what's the syntax in proc report. whats is the difference between the proc tabulate and proc report?i want the major difference which will effect?


What are properties of fourier transforms?


in ranking cycle why steam is condenset in condensor


pls send the docs of any telecommunication mainframe project


How your potential can be better utilised by the Company?


Can my friend sponsor me for study in UK? If yes, what are the basic question asked by Embassies??


Flow of SD and MM


How to justify this statement ??? "Capacitors in series provide less capacitance but higher voltage breakdown rating for the combination"