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presently am using vista ......i want 2 format vista and i want 2 freshly install xp but but the system is not yet formatting it is formatting with vista but not with xp.....though i used many xp cds. same pblm....... it is displaying the following error a plm has been dected and windows has been shut down to prevent this damage tecnical information: stop(0*0000007b (0*f7802524,0*c0000034,0*00000


What is difference between selenium and QTP tools Which is best tool... Which is most used tool


Do you know at least 5 principles of an online system(IMS DC n CICS)?


We can use PASS with permanent datasets also. THEN Which is the condition in which we may use PASS (instead of KEEP) with permanent data sets, while there is no need to specify UNIT and VOL for them like temporary data sets (in cas we use KEEP for permanent data sets) ?


How to do headhunting in information technology profiles? The recruiting is different in this kind of profiles?


Explain WMLScript Syntax?


What are the basic & Majour problems in UPS ?


sir, iam a electrical engg graduate and i want to go in automation sector and for this i have decided to do industrial training for this,plz suggest me some good institute for the same in delhi,ncr. my degree percentage is 58%, can i get job after doing training, plz help....


when we use mantis? how learn mantis?


What is Business Process?


what is effect of leading power facter on the system and billing


Explain the differences between ActiveX Dll and ActiveX Exe?


Tell me about your Company Process mmeans how you are getting the projects from client, how the project categorized in module, how assignment was done, How you are getting you module? which life cycle and process.


I have created GL master without selection open item management and i have posted business transactions to that GL. Now client wants to change that GL to open item management. is it


What is cache?how many types of cache ar there?