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why do u want change u r org


If visa officer ask wgy shud I grant u visa what shud I say ??


hi, waht is line item settlement,investment measure,manage historically helps in OAOA?


if we not carried out B check at mean time in DG set what will be happen?


tell me about a time you had to deal with a conflict between a licensed and unlicensed personnel and how handled the situation?


Best books for bank po examination


is there any benefit to do MBA in finance and Human Resource Management.please give me suggestion that if i do both the things so it would be beneficial for me in corporate sector or not? THANKS


Raj & Raj Ltd purchased a machinery on 01.01.1996 for Rs.88,000.The life of the machine estimated to be 5 Yrs.It was calculated that the old machinery would fetch Rs.8000 at the end of its useful was decided to replace the machinery at the end of the fifth year by setting up depreciation fund and invest the annual depreciation (along with interest earned each year) in gilt edged securities carrying interest at 5% per annum at the end of the 5th year the securities were sold for Rs.62,200 and the old machinery was sold for Rs.9000.As per the sinking fund table Rs.14,478 is to be invested every year.A new machine was purchased on 01.01.2001 for Rs.1,00,000.Pass the journal entries and show the ledger accounts


Can you use flat files in Mapplets.


How to make the folder comparison to show just added and deleted files?


What is Writable & WritableComparable interface?


What is JDBC Driver interface?How can you retrieve data from the ResultSet


VAT and CST ? Which benefits for buyer ? Why benefits?


explain what test tools you will need for client server testing


java script for push button in adobe forms.