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What is Coding? Difference between Coding & Tagging


In case you did not make it for this interview, what other course do you intend to take as second second choice


What is lighting kitts.


Which Altera device families does the TimeQuest timing analyzer tool support?


char *a[2]; int const *p; int *const p; struct new { int a;int b; *var[5] (struct new)} Describe the statements in the above given construct ?


Meaning of ingrace protection for motor.for ex IPXY


Suppose there are many duplicate records in a Db2 table. What is the query to retrive only duplicate records?


Issues related in upgrading SQL Server 2000 to 2005 / 2008


What was a leg of lamb sleeve known as?


Would you like to work with information or with people? Why?


how did the testing of protection relays done through current injection


Hi ... I have done my Engg in 2007. Basically i am interested in Hotel Management Field. So as per my interest i started a restaurant in 2008 of my own and have been managing till now. My restaurant is running successfuly. Now , i just wanna step in to the proffessional hotel management field.Is there any way for me to get in to this field with my restaurants exp. If yes, what skills are required and what whould be my first step in the hotel management field. Please help me out in this. Thankyou - Arun.


What is the history of this position?


Tds Rates?


If I can absorb 9,000 lux of sunlight in the bottom of a pool what will the temp rise be per hour, per square foot of absorbing material, per gallon be? Temp of pool deck 115 degrees, water temp 75 degrees, 120,000 lux on the pool deck