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what is the hearth and arch pressure in furnace?


I want the sample question paper of po exam of sbi?


how to success for interview


what is meaning of wet analysis.


How Self works in DG set


I have done MCA in 2004,has been into IT and ITES for past 3 years.I worked as Team Lead for .net,j2ee programmers.I didnt went in that way,since i was not into programming .net or j2ee.Hence I have done ABAP recently.Iam now looking for ABAP openings.During a process, I came to know about H1B jobs.Some consultancies in hyd,chennai does process h1b.They take fee of more than 1L and they bring the documents that we have been selected to their onsite company in usa.We go to consulate and get stamped.Once we reach usa,they market our resume again to get the right job.Once we get the job,we pay them % monthly.The 1L which we pay initial is refunded.What do you think about this process?Can anyone suggest whether I can go for that or not?Please provide your valuable inputs. Answers mailing at are appreciated. Thank you.


If ac voltage applied to the field of dc generrator the output of dc generator ?


If anybody have knowledge about opening for the post of accountant(for Gurgaon/Delhi) kindly mail me I am handling accounting sales tax/vat,Excise,service Tax,Tds and MIS.


why -48 volts dc used in telecommucation


why did you choose math stream in 12th ??


why we use end termination xlpe cable on ht kit


Gather Information For better understanding &analyze cases received through LNOB for pirs &ccrs


please describe your daily routine of your mom


what is the Asfalt test?in road constraction..?


what is the address of allahabad bank durg ?