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If you have two monitors one is of 19inch and the 2nd one is of 24inch,if you want to write same QTP script in both the two monitors is there any changes required in the script?


What is the color of the flame of the boiler running in good condition?


how we calculate electrical load on a building according to area?


What is WAN (Wide Area Network) ?


how deployment phase of SDLC differs in product based and in service based company ?


what is the testing high level architecture


iam getting offers for back door process .form the comapanies medhasolutions,lanticsolutions, cybate commitment 1 lakh salary 1.44per annum mind tech soft commitment 90000rs salary 1.44per annum profilent commitment 90000rs salary 1.80per annum config commitment 70000rs salary 1.20per annum v one infotech commitment 1 lakh salary 1.44per annum finch commitment 90000rs salary 1.44per annum bin soft tech commitment 1.20 lakh salary 2.40per annum impact commitment 1 lakh salary 2.44per annum jkl consol commitment 1 lakh salary 1.8 - 2.4per annum oligoi solutions commitment 1lakh 2.64 per annum plz tell me which one to beleve if any one know details plz send me msg @9885090595


What is the difference between a value table and a check table?


What should be the Sandwitch type Al. bus bar capacity for 2 M.W.Gen. set, having continuous full load current- 3463 Amps,ambient temp.- 50 Deg. C., Required temp. raise-20 deg.C., it will run 24 hrs, 365 days on full load, required highly reliable.


If you are current on the owner of a set, what is the difference between an obtain next and obtain first? Actually in which topic will we use dis???Plz explain it clearly


can anybody mail the exact sylabuss for ECIL


I am haning thousands emails in my send box (which i sended.) Now i want to send all these emails (Total in send box)to other by email. Can i send total emails at one time (Not sending each indivisually) by one comand; Please tell the steps..Thanks.


How to Add Related Documents to Version Control?


why multiple inheritence concept is not supported in c#?


Key difference between ip10 and ip20 of ceragon equipment?