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what is more complex to implement property, methods or event? how can I define criteria to compare the difficulty of implementation between them? for example the number of methods wanted to implements property is 2 methods. how many methods I need it to implements events?


from one meter cube of stone masonry structure how much cubic meter of cement mortar we use as our estimation 25-30% is that correct for estimation of quantity of sand and cement(2:1) proportion of mortar


How will you differentiate alleles of a gene in the double strand of DNA?


How to select the total numbers of fire extinguisher installed in a room ?


How to prepare electrical preventive maintenance plan & shedule of machine tools in manufacturing unit.


why we use cascade control and feed foreword control in 3 element control of boiler drum ?what is feed forward and cascade control system ?


we have a ods in process chain and the ods activation is taking long time how will u optimize the activation process.


How to use the PF_LOCAL and AF_LOCAL Macros?


What motivated you to do this PG


Who is called consignor


Hello, Can you please send the admin and advanced mapping design sample questions to


i am going to face exam for the post of executive trainee (chemistry) in M.P Power generation company,i want to know the level of exam ,type of questions can be asked,and about any book whigh i can refer.


Hi,I have recieved an i-20 from 2 years college for my bachelors degree,how can i convince the consular about this course and information science.plz help me as soon as possible.


Explain bulbs ?


(1)Can earth and be conected together (2) what is the diferent between earth & neutral