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In Oracle Applications will Translation will create any journal entry then what is the journal entry what are the accounts affected


describe the functioning off all the 40 pins of 8085 processor?


how is one able to tell the unlock code for the mobile phone using the imei


SAS question: I have 50 fils a1,a2,...,a50. the primary key is upc. then if i want to merge all 50 files, the code is as follows, data test; merge a1 ... a50; by upc; run; we know that writing all 50 files name is time consuming, is there any standard format of this code?


hi frns please tell how to prepare for syndiacate bank asst manager exam .


Hii I HV been selected for federal manipal gd n interview how shall I prepare.. Pls help me!


assets and liailitie, bank duties, ombudsman, contingent liability


do you have the scripts for integration Ericsson DUS (lte) ????? please support, my job is in risk


In XIR2 if we lost the administration password .How can we regain the password?thanks in advance.


what are the application of over current relay?


who had an explosive idea and first patented dynamite?


'Insufficient memory for this operation' error . what does this error mean?


SAP Script for Billing in which Billing document number was displayed as header, Bill Type, Bill Category, Bill Item, Cost, Base Unit of Measurement and Material number were categorically displayed for each billing document number. plz mention the detail coding Tahnks, Rahul


how to connect from struts to database through hibernet and where u can modify the class


give me an idea,wat qns r asked in interview?pls.. reply to