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Proxy Programming with ABAP - How to develop the Proxy identification through programming


I have worked for 2 months in Kotak Mahindra Bank and after that i have left Kotak without giving notice period. Now they give me letter for recovery of 6000. And i don't want to pay that amount then what the problem bank can create for me? Please Suggest..


Should we use RAID in Hadoop or not?


what are the fundamental reasons behind the present worldwide economic downturn?


What is the Spring2.5 MVC Navigation flow?


Is there any other options to create a site definition for MOSS other than using onet.xml.


hi, can anyone tell me about the date of appsc group1 prelims


HI, i was given only 1st round and i made it through the first round, then was sent for the final HR round.In the HR round the HR manager dint ask me a single question of the related job,all he asked was as following:- i)what are your salary Expectations ii)are you ok to do night shifts.then he thanked me and said he will let me know by 2 days,when i asked him for any feedbacks and suggestions he said that he will let me know only after 2 days.SO please help me what shall i expect from this one of a kind interview. Many thanks in advance.


How many rounds of interviews the USA company conducted? What are they?


If anyone is having ISTQB certification study materials,please send to


Why we do not say INDIA as a DEVELOPED NATION ?


how can leve transmetter calibate in feild .and also put cv and flow plz .....


harmonics filter


Which is used to select the particular environment to run the agent? a) Environment creator b) Environment Generator c) Both a & b d) None of the mentioned


QTP related question= What is input action parameters and what is output action parameters ?