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How VisiBroker provides Robust thread and connection management?


How to create indexes with the TTable create function?


are unique disclosures made in the financial statement notes ? if so why?


why do we not use equivalent voltage source in negative sequence equivalent ckt.


which type of stability limit is higher,steady state or transient? why?


Hi friends i am Veerakumar .V got selected in sydicate bank po exam but didnt get appointment letter if any body got or will get please share with me my email id is


how to calculate the size of the HT cable


< DL Compact > tag is used for


hiiiiiiiiiiii i am a person of G.C(general category) and i want to attempt the lic delelopment officer test . i have done mba in marketing and i am agency holder of lic for 3 years. am i elligible for this test .or this test is only for s.c/b.c persons please tell me sir ,,, mailme at,


How would you rate your organisational / administration skills?


Tell me about a time when you had too many things to do and you were required to prioritize your tasks


What is UPS and How do you maintain the UPS Maintenance? Brief Description on UPS maintenance.


hi This is Ashok i applied for Group 2 in october 2009 notification :38/2008 and SUPPLEMENTARY NOTIFICATION NO. : 11/2009,i would like to know when will be the exam?


who is/are the stake holders in accepting the estimation for specific requirement


For the requirement of a furnace of temperature range up to 1200 oC using silicon carbide rods, What is the required rate of transformer needed (please do it with all details)?