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determine which Element received an Event


Auto insurance project..How to explain project in interviews.Using Automation tool (selenium).


What is triple-DES ?


how to create constain picklist?process suppose country field is there and state field is there,when user selected Australia in country,i have to display aus related states only states field? pls senme ans to (


When we use integration testing for any new system so why we required system testing.


what is mean by domain interms of software ? can you expain in specific in terms of web based , networking all those ?how to choose the domain for doing a project in software feild ?


How many types of faults occur in power system?Write all types?


how to print a number in character(ex. 123= one twenty three)?


There are different classes of protections in power plants.class a,b,c are there any class d and e r there..and elaborate class b protection.


What is the acceptable accounting procedure when an error is detected in a general ledger account? Explain why such a procedure is followed?


Hi all, If Anybody has Advance SAS Certification dumps??? Please share with me. Email:


Which framework is best in php among Smarty, Cakephp, Joomla, Drupal, Zend or Something else...? If any then Why?


in user parameter property we have list of values.can we write select query for binding? for example:: select empno from emp where deptno=:deptnum :deptnum is first parameter it displays distinct dept nos. if i do like this it is giving error:: bind variables are not allowed in the select statement


plz. give some tablet name protection for pragnent. i married about 10 year ago.


what is difference of SSE and PA and tell what you do in both designations?