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What is Not-So-Stubby (NSSA)in Open Shortest Path First?


Hi , Please send me the interview questions which were asked in manual testing mainly the test cases asked to write in interview.


How to Get the longfilename from a file?


How to Force edit mode in a TListView via a keypress ?


Why power genaration in India is at 50HZ while America its 60HZ


What is defferent betwen ESP &PCP PUMP .HOW IT IS WORK?


Dear Sir/Madam, I have one questions we have three steam turbines and one Gas turbine and our industry linked with the public network, we have protection system one of the protection is reverse power we can export just four MW only i would like to ask about how to calculate the reverse power. Thank you in advance best regards


How a component can be placed on Windows?


Does CO have adverse effects on plants?


Pls send me some tickets and answerw purpose of interview?


If there is a change in the object type eg: A button is changed as link, 1. How to edit that in the shared object repository. 2.What options are available to edit the object within shared object repository other than copy from loca; 3.What would be the effect of the change in Coded Scripts within QTP and Functions stored in .vbs file which are loaded and used in QTP


how to write test cases on SRS?tell me any example which type of certification is usefull for less then 1 yr exp. people in testing. can anybody know immediatly sent it which the answer


How was your yestarday?


While calculating the weight of the steel per running meter, the formula used is [(dxd)/162]. Why 162 is used in denominator & how it is derived?


Coverage of 25mm.thick ratio of 1:4 cement mortar?