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sir, iam a electrical engg graduate and i want to go in automation sector and for this i have decided to do industrial training for this,plz suggest me some good institute for the same in delhi,ncr. my degree percentage is 58%, can i get job after doing training, plz help....


Hadoop Libraries and Utilities and Miscellaneous Hadoop Applications?


How do you determine user soad for a perf test of a Web application?


How we can find out face expression ,what approach should be followed (like skin detection) ?


I am applying for NTPC examination.Can we please provide previous paper to my mail


design a class car having variables model, yr_of_manufacture, owner,reg_no. Design methods for assigning the values, Printing the values( you decide gui,control, any other methods if require)


a bill for Rs.250 accepted by pritam, a costomer was passed through bills payble book (what will be the correct entry)


Why are You so sure that You are qualified enough to this SQA Tester Job?


Does anyone have best practices for daily backup &restore process for qc 11 ?


Starting Time of LT & HT Motor


Can someone please explain more about how the XML Gateway works and what its purpose is?


What does the smartforms development class start with ?


How much chairside experience do you have? Are you more comfortable working with children or adults?


what is the need of indexing topic in oracle? where do we use in a Java project? any other option other than using this to get the same result where we use indexing ?


Which case we will find maximum pressure and flow in centrifugal pump - circular casing or volute casing ?