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what is the basic optimal difference among isothermal,isentropic and adiabatic processess( with charts of each)??


How to arrange a hous hold earthing system to keep minimum earth resistance( below 7ohms).


I have passed in repco bank officer scale 1.what type of interview question they may ask? pls send ur ideas to my email id


What is the advantages of using IDMS compared to other database systems?


Hii friends, i am a fresher, and i am looking a career in recruitment side, i am attending so many interviews, i am very bhoring with self introduction part, where ever go there are asking self intro, i want present to my self in different way. so if you have any ideas about this please share your ideas to my mail id..


How to treat company managers personal expenses met by company if he is not taking salary from company and in future salary will be payable after deducting all personal expenses (salary amt will be decided only at paying year). pass journal entries


how many safety really of DG sets.


I want to know about the open source licenses and its features


What are different tools to report data in SAP? What all have you used ?


what is the diff between balance, account, none (automatic offset methods)?


how computation of tax for toll naka will be done


What are your suggestions for making workers participation more affective in an IT industry?


After my +2 there is a gap for 2years(due to my mother health).If VO asks me why this gap can i say truely due to my mother,s health problem i have to stop my studies for two years is it ok.suggest me please


how we change 0.1N KmNo4 solution to 0.01N KmNo4 solution.


Why do we use dynamic where conditions?