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if a person has served the organization from 1st Oct 2005 till 10th Sep 2010, is liable for gratuity payment?


9).explain difference between stab & driver? 10). who will conduct integration testing? 11). explain difference between system testing & functionality testing? 12). explain compatibility testing? 13). explain performance testing? 14). explain inter system testing? 15). explain difference between smoke testing & sanity testing? 16). explain difference between re-testing & regression testing? 17). you prefer manual testing or automation


How does CGI work? Can I use 'C' language to write a CGI?


what is your daily activities?


What is the difference between c


I have some queries about Service Tax, I am working in a Insurance Broking Company. 1) We have raised one bill on 25.04.09 for the services provided by us in the month Mar, 09 Now We received the chq on May, 09 followed in the Month of June,09. When the service tax is actually payable in the month of received of Service tax amount or in the month of services actually provided by us (Mar09) 2) Can we take 100% credit of Service Tax Input paid to those who provided services to us. Suppose Service Tax payable is Rs. 100/- and Service tax charged by the other firms/company Rs. 80/-. The question is That can we deduct Rs. 80/- (already paid). Now Net ST payable would be Rs. 20/- or other percent of service tax input is available 3) What is the rate of interest for Service tax if not paid on time. Pls help me out asap


What are the bussiness scenories?


What is power factor why we should maintain the power factor unless what will happen


why should we select you?


Discuss Shannon’s capacity. What implications does it have ?


market share of vijai electticals


List the considerations in developing testing methodology


What is the use of progress Bar Control?


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If I have bought goods from a seller in India and finally exported it to some other country, my understanding says I have to issue form H to seller to get cst exemption. My question is wether Bill of lading is must to be given to seller or not bcos if I give bill of lading to the seller from whom i haave bought material confidential information will go to seller as bill of lading will have buyers details...pls guide how to overcome this issue.