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how to avoid electrical shock how capacitor store charges wat are the speed control of induction motors state faradays law flemings left hand rule what is rotary converter wat is transmission and distribution what are the sources of energy abrevation of acb,vcb,sf6,igbt what is output equation of transformer which test copper iron and iron loss are calculated what is eddy current draw a single line diagram (10 marks) draw direct online starter(10 marks)


hi, i want last 10 years ongc exam recruitment papers for subject in chemistry ,genaralknowladge.


a) we have 30nos., 300mm dia, 4m length double under reamed piles.calculate excavation quantity.b) tell concrete qty. also.


Is there any method (like format and font type,font size) to prepare the documents in pharma or biotech companies?


In which areas the highest numbers of Streptococcus salivarius are found in the oral cavity ?


How to merge Action Form with Dyna Action Form in Struts.


Securitywise What are the Enhancements in 2.0?


Explain the types of Views in Listview Control?


Explain MIDlet Life cycle?


why we use matrixing method in stability study and on what basis time points are selected?


What is the message "Generating font matrix" when starting Kylix?


How can recruiter justified that the candidate is expert in Algorithm and datastructure for Software product development ?


I want to crate my personal website. I am having my website on which provide some space but it templete based. I want to gain free web space and plz tell me how to custmize it....plz suggest me... Thanks...


i need syllabus and previous year question papers for rrb section engineer in s&t department


any difficulitis have you phase while creating bo reports and how did u solve it