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please describe the Transformer setting, Motor setting, I/C setting, Tie setting


Can someone please tell me what poor design in a relational database (not the layout or style) is and how it can be avoided? desperate.


Hi my grandmother is from the UK now married and living in Aus. I am looking to go to UK and asked her for her birth cert. she is very worried it will get lots in post and asked if it is ok to send a copy of it?


how to calculate signal cable sizing? and multipair cable sizing??explain in brief?


what is program data insulation in dbms?


hye SAM acn u send your e mail id, so that i can solve my query through e mail?


why 5kW motor becomes unbalance if its relay trip 1st time and its set value is 7.0 A


Short Answer on ___________fluctuating capital


Hi, I m ankit chaudhary recently posted as auditor in Pr acount genl.(c & ca) office at BANGLORE. my home town is in delhi. I can accept mutual transfer to dehi,haryana,up,rajasthan, uttanchal. Anybody interested can contact me on 09008712752 or e-mail address


How long do you see yourself at this office if hired?


what is your view about respect of elders


What is the functionality of SendMessage?


How to setting the volume of RTCC panel AVR (11kv) controller


I Got selected for final interview in NFC for UDC.Can any onw help who knows what kind of quesations will be asked if any one who has attended before or who has knowledge on this.


what is the diffrence betwen primary pumps and secondary pumps in aircoditioning field