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sir i am working in construction company.we have more than one projects.i enter the attendance projectwise in payroll.if payroll autofill i want project wise salaries not overall


hi Guys, I am yanheart, I just want to ask your convincing ideas, opinion or knowledge about this questions that keeps in my mind. Here's the question: Why is it that you change your curriculum or your course in your first interviewed visa denial? Please help me I need your convincing answers... God bless us! nad thanks a lot..


What is the meaning of utility ground and clean ground? How the distribution panel is grounded?


What is the default replication factor?


Should have experience in framework means?


what is the max. acceptable leakage current in 33kv bus bar


Can anyone provide the definitions for the following abbreviations? Thanx to anyone who could CIT CAP


what is the use of structures?how many nodes can u create in a structure?


primery try cell?


sap fico masters explain


What are the function of different capacitor, resistors, transister, diods, thyrister( like SCR)in any circuit?


how to calculate the length diamond shaped striupps in column


Where can I find the SSSCC API?


what will be the final cut off marks for obc in non interview post and stat inv.2011?


Hi , My company has initiated for L1 Visa,however i have below concerns. I appeared for B.E final semester Exam in june-2009 and i cleared all subjects and passed in distinction,however since i was from Diploma i had arrears (Mathematics-1) which i cleared in jan-2010,Now my concern is ,I joined a company(present employer) in Nov-2009,but in 8th semester Markcard, university has clearly mentioned that "appeared and passed in 2010 january". As per my 8th sem marks, I have completed degree in 2010 and as per my company I have i have an experience of 2years 7months(since i joined in nov-2009). please advice me how to handle this.