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is there any current and voltage drop on liquid resistance starter water/soda tank ?


In South Africa, the value added tax is administered by?


our industries ht line so power fluctation(once drop of power please rectify causes


Have you used Pull list or back flushing in REM?


Which test will be more severe for VCB?


what is programmable BIST in today ic design


What is location update? Why do we need location update?


i am a mechanical engg. student(fresher) . i am in kolkata. i want to prepare for govt. jobs like railway, ongc etc can anyone plz suggest me the good coaching for this in kolkata


For Fci management trainee interview gd/pi what are the topic i have to strong and for PI what the question i expect please send to my mail


will bonus attract PF & ESI?..... please answer this....


what is difference between object oriented programming structure and object oriented programming system?


Code for Method of Handling Factorials of Any Size?


True or false question. 1.The fuse provide phase and neutral 2.power loss in electrical circuit can take place in (resistance or inductance or capacitance). 3.two phase system each phase has separated by a phase difference of (90 or 180 or 270 or 45). 4.3 phase balanced star connected load neutral current shall be (line current or phase current or zero or unity)


What will happen, while trying to close the closed cursor.


I'm a BE(E&C)graduate with 72%.I have cleared SBI Clerical Exam, Can I join and what'll be the salary and What is the job responsibilities, how about promotion and transfer, Please tell me I'm in confusion whether to join or not?