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What are the configuration to be performed for Residence Tax Area and Work Tax Area? Please specify each step.




Pl. give me checklist for installation & commissioning of machine tool.


i need a real time fico tutor in hyderabad location


when we gave dc supply to 220v dc motor its rpm is 1200. then we gave 180v. how many rpm of its motor. gave answer with calculation at my ID....


Dear Experts Please confirm in SAP FICA. while receiving Security Deposits we receive in FPCJ against the Security Deposit request created in Fpsec1 what about additional Security Deposits if any received regards KamleshS


what is the path of thunderlightening? once both a buffalo and a person were standing 5m apart but lightening hit and killed buffalo not person?


what is duties and responsibilities for clark working in sbi


how much tds deducate on hotel party arrange by company


provide me the employees list?


What is the functionality of GetWindowText?


Hai date of birth is 22-04-1993.After which date i can write GROUP I OR GROUP II EXAMINATION?


"ls" command is showing all the subdirectoary and files which are present in the current directoary, i want to cut only directoary name. How to cut only name ?


. Revti industries has a factory at lonavala and two branches at vapi and silvase. The goods produced at factory are dispatched to the branches. The goods are produced at cost of 170 per unit. The transport cost to vapi is 35 per unit and to silvase are 30 per unit profit @ 20% on cost is added during March 2015, quantity manufactured was 25000 unit. out of this 7500 units were sent to vapi and 6500 unit were sent to silvase the sales during month were. A. lonavala -9000 unit to local customer lonavala 2000 unit to overseas buyer b. vapi -6500 unit to local customer c. silvase -5500 unit to local customer in addition 500 units were captively consumed calculate excise duty payable @ 12.36 %


In both 600/1000 V cable and 450/750 V cable, we can supply 415 V. However for distribution, all utilities are using only 600/100 V instead of 450/750 V. What is the reason?