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What will happen if a dc source is given to a tubelight. Will it work or wont it work....


How to calculate Term Loan interest and the double entry for Term Loan ? What difference between hire purchase and term loan ??


can i know the answer for the simple question "Tell me about Yourself!".Anyone please reply me.


What is Discrete and Continuous data in Data mining world?


How many schemas we have? how many you have used?


What is difference between SAN and NAS? How SAN is better than NAS?


How to drop down a menu Programmatically ?


# A large IT company is in the process of revising salary structure for its employees. The salary will be on the basis of assessed performance of the previous year for all employee who have completed six months or more. # The rules for salary revision are provided below :- Performance level 1 : Increase existing salary by 30% Performance level 2 : Increase existing salary by 20% Performance level 3 : Increase existing salary by 10% Performance level 4 : Increase existing salary by 5% Performance level 5 : No Increase # For those who have not completed six months, provide a flat increase of 7.5% in their salary. In addition to above provide a special loyalty allowance of Tk. 800 to all employees who have complete THREE years with the organization. # Compute the minimum number of paths that you would require to cover the application and how many test cases would you require?


What is the setservent(3) Function?


How to Set break on exception in Delphi 4?


what QTP Options do you know?


windows file/folder sharing ?


what r issues faced in gl


What is space heater?


What are the procedures on how to anneal?