Topic :: Incremental Integration Testing

Reply / anirudhjain

It is a process where all the units of a system are
integrated consequtively and integrated in step by step
process by incrementing the levels of testing at one end to
other end.

Reply / vijay

it is a process were all the units of a system are
integrated and testing is carried out on this...

Reply / bhushan r singe [b r singe]

Incremental Integration testing is the testing of the
application by adding new functionalities to an application.
It is a continous testing activity in which the application
is tested by adding new functionalities. These type of
testing is performed by programmer, software engineer, test

Reply / ankush

It is a combination of Incremental and Integration
Testing,wherein in every subsequent build,more requirements
are added and then builds are integrated and then tested as
an Integrated whole.

Reply / yashdeep gupta

incremental integration testing is contineouse testing of
application,it is a testing by adding new functionality to
the application, applcation functionality should be
independent to test seprately

Reply / rakesh mishra (ranchi)

Unit testing ensures that all modules have been tested and
each of them works properly individually. Unit testing does
not guarantee if these modules will work fine if these are
integrated together as a whole system.
It is observed that many errors crop up when the modules
are joined together. Integration testing uncovers errors that
arises when modules are integrated to build the overall

Reply / indira gade

Whats the diff between integration testing and incremental
testing ?

Reply / venkat

Bottom up approach for testing i.e. continuous testing of an
application as new functionality is added; Application
functionality and modules should be independent enough to
test separately. Done by programmers or by testers.

Reply / raz

what are the termonologies of integrated testing?