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How can we do the back end testing in QTP?

Reply / kalyansantosh

Back end Testing means , I think database Testing

Reply / medpalle

can any one explain what is meant by Back end testing..

Reply / nani

Back End Testing means Database Testing only.
it can be done in qtp through database chk points.

You can use database checkpoints in your test to check
databases accessed by your Web site or application, and to
detect defects. To do this, you define a query on your
database. Then you create a database checkpoint that checks
the results of the query.

You can define a database query in the following ways:

Using Microsoft Query. You can install Microsoft Query from
the custom installation of Microsoft Office.
By manually defining an SQL statement

Reply / gajapathy

Back-End Testing/Database Testing, we can do in two ways,

1. SQL Editor, using SQL Commands

2. Through DataBase Checkpoints in QTP or anyther
Automation Tool.
Preferbly, First one is commanly used and saying as
Back-End/Database Testing

Reply / binish james

Automation testing means testing the software using some
automation tools like WinRunner, QTP, Loadrunner etc.

Reply / bala

auto mation testing means using tools conduct the testing.
back end testing means database testing now days doing
single way sql editor using sql comands.not using check


Reply / sandeep

If a bug is found at testers side.but,when the same thing
tested is not reflected at the developers side?
Can anyone explain the same?

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Hi sandeep,

Let me explain the situation you asked,

yet there may be a chance to not get the same but at the
development side this may come in the following situations
1. when ever the developers testing the in the another build
( not in the testers build) Ex. if tester tested in build no
10 and the developers are testing in build No 11 )
2. When ever the system(browser) and other setting of the
testers system and developers system are different.
3. Or problem with the test data

in these situations the bug may not be reproduced at the
development side.

Please correct me if i am wrong.

Reply / abidi

There is front-end and back-end.Back-end testing is done
through database checkpoint or through data driver in QTP.

Reply / sudesh khete

Dear:-Testing is akind of two part,
1. Manual Testing.
2.Automation Testing(used to testing tools).
Automation testing means used to testing tools in
testing., just link 96 testing tools available in market.
but mostly used selenium ,Qtp,markurt,feddler, data
link,load runner and etc. But diffrent diffrent testing
tools work also diffrent.
MNC company refer to QTP and selenium, marcury etc.
QTP used as a functional testing and GUI,usability testing.
"Front-end testing means black box testing, and Back-end
testing means related to functional and database(whitebox).
Every module depend thier database. If you used to QTP
tools ,so basic knowledge of mysql. That is most important.