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compatibility testing particularly in web applications

1.what all browsers are compatible.
2.what all versions are compatible.
3.GUI plays vital important.
4.Performance also.

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Compatibility testing is nothing but
checking the compatibility between browsers, operating

Reply / sunil reddy

To check whether our application supports customer expected
platforms or not?

Reply / Swaroop Kumar

Checking the application on different platforms (Operating
System) with different browsers,the main aim of
compatibility testing is to test weather application can
run successfully on different OS.

Reply / y.s.v.r.varma

Test the application between different browsers with
different versions,and different OS (like windows
9x/xp/2000..,linux),different Dbs,and different networks

Reply / sushma

Compatability Testing: Testers will run the app on the user
required platfrom to verify whether the app is compatable
or not.

Configuration Testing: Tester will run the app on diferent
platfroms .

Reply / venkatsrqa

Test the application between different browsers with
different versions.
For example browsers like: 1) test the application on
1)"IE 6.0"
2)"IE 7.0"
3)Mozilla firefox
4)Net scape(Within the netscape again there are two types
they are a)thru IE

Reply / vaibhavzodge

Practical Approach of Compatibility testing is...

To check the Web Page is working with all of the
browser, Operating Systems, Resolutions, Color bits, etc..
which may affect UI or the functionality.
And related to Desk top application, need to check the
application work in diffrent envirement like, All different
Types of OS, Frame Works, DirectX version, All type of User
(Normal, Guest..), Browsers ( if related), Mother Board
(Intel, AMD, etc..), with different Drives, CD-DVD Drives
(Sata..), Numbers of things.....

Reply / madhukar9823

if our application web based then the answer should be like this

whether the Provided url is accepting in the borwser and
check the responce time of the application

if is standard application then the ans should be

the application should work in all expected customer platforms

Reply / anju yadav

Testing the application access on different enviornment
1.For web application testing on different
2.For windows application testing on different OS(WINDOWS