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Reply / ravindra reddy

Acceptance testing means toget acceptance from the
Two types 1.alpha:almost all near the completion of the
dovelopment of the project the endusers are conduct this
testing before going to the delivery.

2.beta:this testing is conducted by endusers
after delivery the project.

Reply / raghavender

it refers to to the client requirment

Reply / siddhu

ACCEPTANCE TESTING:- Its an activity of Testing whether the
application is acceptable or not.

Reply / rohit

Acceptance Testing is one of the last phases of testing
which is typically done at the customer place.

This is Done as:

Alpha Testing:
Testing is performed by the end users within a company but
outside the development group.

Beta Testing:
Testing is performed by a subset of actual customers
outside the company.

Reply / sakshi verma

testing will demonstrate that the equipment or system
operate in according with the functional specification and
detailed design documents

Reply / vijay.pande

acceptance testing is two types
alpha testing:
testing performed by with in the organization but out side
the development team.

beta testing:
testing performed by subset of actual customers outside the

Reply / Abidi

Acceptance testing are of two kinds

1.Alpha testing.This testing is conducted within the client
environment by inserting dummy inputs to see if the
application is working accordingly before going for delivery

2.Beta testing.THe final testing is been done by the real
endusers with real input to see how the application is