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Reply / ravi

Levels of Functional testing

level-0 sanity testing
level-1 comprehensive testing
level-2 regression testing

Reply / ashish

functional testing & regression testing are done basically
in the system testing. We are not doing these in each phase.

Reply / ferdinand martin

Functional & Regression Testing is spread across all stages
of Testing.

Lets go back to the definition of Testing -
"Finding Defects". Defects could be found at various
stages of the project however the no. of defects as
compared to the initial stages of the project with the
final stages of the project will be minimal. Think about
it...why would you call it as User Acceptance TESTING.

Reply / ramana s

Functional, Regression, Retesting, Soak, Performance, Ad-
hoc, sanity etc. are part of System testing.

Reply / rajendra

1.Functional testing comes under system testing only.
Regression testing will be continues up to system becomes
bug free.

2.client -the system terminal which request information form
another system/server(passive in nature)
Server-the system which serves the information to the
client.(active in nature)

3.functional dependency bug in first occurrence it
status is reported as new defect and
from next time onwards its status is duplicate.

Reply / arvind

functional testing tool -- Winrunner

Reply / sivakumar

popular functional testing tool

1. Winrunner
2. QTP
3. Silktest
4. Advenet QEngine
5. AutoitV3

Reply / venkat

2)silk test,
4)rational robot.

above are the popular functional testing tools

Reply / prashanth

functional testing is a testing process where we test the
functionality/behaviour of each functional component of the
application...i.e.minimize button,transfer button,links etc.
i.e we check what is each component doing in that

Reply / satya

In Functionality testing we are going to check the
functionality is working as expected to the client
specified requirement.

Reply / kumar

Functionality testing is to test the functional behavior
of each and every component in the application. its tested
against both positive and negative aspects.

Reply / prasanna

From my point of view, system testing is broadly classified
into functional and non-func. testing. hence Functional
Testing is a part of System Testing.

In system testing, testers test the product typically like
the end-user.Every single Interface,module and even minute
details have to be tested in this System Testing.

Functional Testing aims at testing the various
functionalities of the product being tested. These
functionalities include load, volume, stress,
scalability, security, performance, etc.

Reply / suhasini

in functional testing we concentrate only about particular
functionality in the application,with out bothering how it

Reply / Mahesh SV

Functionality under load can be tested by running several
users concurrently. By increasing the amount of V users, we
can determine how much load the server can sustain.

Reply / roshini

Functional testing is the type of black box testing. In this
we are going to test the functionality of the application.