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----------------What is meant by DSS?

----------------What is meant by DSS?..

Answer / ramesh

Decision support system is to analize the data to decision

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what is the use of backward drilling in cognos 8?is it possible?whats the uws of it?

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How to perform single signon in Cognos by using URL?

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what is logs in cognos

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How you drill from powerPLay to Impromptu?Explain all Steps?

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What is slowely changing dimensions?why we are used SCD?

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What is minimum version of internet explorer to run the Cognos report.

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hi my name is siraj i want to know cognos queriy language

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what are diff b/w cognos and business objects

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What is the use of Generated Prompt? Where is it used in realtime project?

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What is the difference between the content store and content manager?

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What is a scope? can you tell me one example for scope?

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1.Can we create a cube in a Transformer from multiple IQD's ?if so, how? 2.Also , explain some of the best practises used ,while creating a cube in powerplay transformer.

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