What is B.V.A with brief example?

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What is B.V.A with brief example?..

Answer / novic

Boundary value analysis is a type of testing technique in
Black Box testing. For example, if you are going to test a
testbox, which accepts value 1 - 100, there is no need for
you to test with all values from 1 - 100. To minimize your
testing work, you can minimize with test data.Selecting
minimum value, minimum value - 1, minimum value + 1,
maximum value, maximum value + 1, maximum value - 1, we can
reduce our test data in our example.
so the test data's will be 0,1,2,99,100,101.Instead of
using 100 values and test, Use only 6 values to test that

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What is B.V.A with brief example?..

Answer / sudhakar8

A technique that consists of developing test cases and data
that focus on the input and output boundaries of a given
function. In same credit limit example, boundary analysis
would test:
Low boundary +/- one (999 and 1,001)
On the boundary (1,000 and 1,500)
Upper boundary +/- one (1,499 and 1,501)

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What is B.V.A with brief example?..

Answer / anuradha.gangurde29@gmail.com

it is technique to reduce the testing work ( block ox
testing ) .in boundary value analysis is next step of
euivalent partition , let us take one exmple .

in the application there is form which suppose to fill by
customer . In this form there is field say age , user has
to enter the age , and the requirement document specify the
range of the field like it accept oly the values fron 16 to
25 then in boundary valu analysis u can enter the value

lower range >> 15,16,17
upper range >> 24,25,26

in the age field and check the performance of the
application .

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What is B.V.A with brief example?..

Answer / antu

bva: it is boundry value analysis. here a range of values
are given as input to test the application.

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