How to defind P.C.C. mix design according ratio & IS coad

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Answer / mani

any concrete with out reinforcement is called PCC. Ratio of
PCC is may be 1:2:4 or 1:4:8 or 1:3:6

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Answer / kiran babu t

For pcc there will be no any mix design, because it is low
grade of concrete,generally it will use for levelling the
surface,i.e below the footing and so on,
Design mix will be according to weight
Nominal mix will be according to volume

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Answer / uma gupta

pcc concrete use lower grade concrete like M10 1:3:6.

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Answer / srikanta sahoo

pcc is placed for levelling and to protect rcc from direct
to earth

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Answer / rj

Under Heavier loads the PCC may fail due to punching shear, if PCC is made of lower grade concrete. Best suited mix is 1:4:8 and 1:5:10..........

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Answer / m ahmed ali

pcc means plain cement it no reinforcement is
used,for pcc no mix design is used but volumatic mathod is
used to get the accutial strength &ratio.mix design is used
from M25 to un to so on...

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Answer / devanand sharma

1 cumt p.c.c area what is the cement and concrete and mortar

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Answer / hariprasath


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Answer / ranjeet

pcc concrete use lower grade concrete M10 - 1:4:8

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Answer / santanu ghosh

Wihtout reinforcement concrete is called PCC. ratio of road
PCC is may be 1:3:5.

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