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how winding temperature detects in power transformer...?

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how winding temperature detects in power transformer...?..

Answer / ullas

a special CT(current transformer ) is used to measure the
winding temperature in a power transformer.
the method is very simple, there will be one winding
temperature measurement pocket in the transformer. in this
a temperature measurement device is dipped and this pocket
will be filled with transformer oil. this special CT will
give output in the form of current which is proportional to
the temperature.
i think this makes a clear picture.

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how winding temperature detects in power transformer...?..

Answer / packyaraj

winding ct is provided on the LV side of the Power Transformer. This winding ct is connected to the winding temperature indicator with a resistor at WTI end.This resistor produce heat proportional to the circulating current due to heat produced in the winding. WTI dipped in the oil of the power transformer which measures the heat produced in the oil. WINDING TEMPERATURE = HEAT PRODUCED IN THE OIL + HEAT PRODUCED IN THE RESISTOR DUE TO WINDING CT. Usually for power transformer winding temperature Alarm set at 85 degree celsius and trip at 90 degree celsius.

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how winding temperature detects in power transformer...?..

Answer / gunjan

winding temp. is detected with the help of resistance
temperature detectors, that form a part of X-mers

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how winding temperature detects in power transformer...?..

Answer / nagaraju.n (bush king)

power transformer winding temperature detected by using
tempreture gauge (it is part of the transformer)

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how winding temperature detects in power transformer...?..

Answer / rvg.msceb

power transformer directly not detecting any winding temp.
but detects the cooling oil temperature, using a Buckoltz

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