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What are the naming conventions for the Temporary Storage

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What are the naming conventions for the Temporary Storage Queues?..

Answer / manish_cics

A TSQ is identified by the queue id ( 1 to 8 bytes ). in
order to avoid confusion and to maintain data security , a
strict naming convention for QID will be required in the
installation .

where ,

D : division id(eg , A for Account , B for budget)

TTTT : terminal id(EIBTRMID)

A : application code ( A, B , C .....)

NN : queue number( 1 , 2.....)
TERMINAL ID IN QID for a terminal dependent task.

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What are the naming conventions for the Temporary Storage Queues?..

Answer / bernard thomas

8 bytes made up of term id (4) and mnemonic (4).

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