what is the difference between AC choke (inductor) and DC
choke (inductor), working and design point of view?

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what is the difference between AC choke (inductor) and DC choke (inductor), working and design poi..

Answer / rajkumar

In a online ups (not transformerless type) u can see dc
choke is used in ripple reduction at the output of
rectifier.this is in input section of the ups.thn comes the
battery bank, i mean dc bus line. then inverter section.in
the inverter section ac choke is been used with the LC
filter to attenuate high frequency. so the filter is in
resonance mode to get a 50 HZ output.normal the behaviour
of choke is same irrespective of the place where it being
used. but according to funtions it does we can say dc choke
and ac choke.

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what is the difference between AC choke (inductor) and DC choke (inductor), working and design poi..

Answer / eqbal_asif123


A power-supply filter whose inductance is used to limit the
flow of AC while allowing the flow of DC. Chokes naturally
maintain a more constant flow of current. Output voltages
do not rise as high as they would without this inductor in
the circuit; neither does it drop as low when compared to a
capacitor input filter circuit. Chokes hold the variation
of output voltage (ripple) to a relatively small value.



A number of turns of insulated wire wound around a form of
insulating material which may or may not include an iron
core. Some coils are rigid enough to be self-supporting and
do not require a winding form and/or a core to secure it. A
coil is also known as an inductor. Inductors possess the
property of having considerable opposition to the flow of
AC while allowing DC to pass through the flow.

There is nothing like AC or DC chokes.

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