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What is Version control?

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What is Version control?..

Answer / sudeepth madhur

Version control is a software which provides the convenient
way to store the files manage changes to the files over time
. They generally involve a repository for storing all of the
file versions. Here we can add files to the repository,
Commit new changes to the repository recording data and
author. Compare a file with the repository. But i has a
limited access.

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What is Version control?..

Answer / akshar

Version control is a software used for configuration
management. If any new versions of software are available
then we can add in this tool. Only authorised persons r
having the right 2 modify the data. It contains like
design, plan,coding,test cases etc. .

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What is Version control?..

Answer / mike

Version Control is a process and practice which includes the version control assisting software Sudeepth and Akshar mentioned above, it also requires a consistent practice of checking out software, modding it as needed, and not just then checking it back in, but documenting what was done, where it was done, and of course, by whom.

As Akshar said, it does not necessarily have to be limited to code. Version control can also be applied to design documents, functional specification documents, test plans, test cases, test data sets, etc...anything and everything related to a software project can be put under version control (and its almost always worth the effort!).

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