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Explain clearly what is buglifecycle

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Explain clearly what is buglifecycle..

Answer / satyaprasad

Buglife cycle:
NEW ---> Assign to test--->open------->retest

--------->Closed or Reopen or Differed

In generally if any defect found in the testing side ,first
tester will send that report to testlead with NEW status.If
the bug is genuine ,he will assign that to concern developer
with TEST status.The deveoper will open that after
considerable modifications he assign the build to tester
with status RETEST
if the problem was rectified then he will close it with
status Close.Still there is any defect he give reopen
status and assign it to the developer.If the defect has low
seviority or lack of time to resolve he give defferd status

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Explain clearly what is buglifecycle..

Answer / sharadarsule

| |
| |

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Explain clearly what is buglifecycle..

Answer / priyanka agrawal

Life cycle of a bug can be shown as-
| |
|-----> ASSIGN-----
| | |

The different states of a bug are:

1. New
2. Open
3. Assign
4. Test
5. Verified
6. Deferred
7. Reopened
8. Duplicate
9. Rejected and
10. Closed

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