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what is risk based testing ?

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what is risk based testing ?..

Answer / ivan

Risk base testing is a testing where tester identify the
more risk areas for the application to test based on S-
graph. where he takes consequences on Y cordinates and
Probability on X Cordinates. If Probability is high and
consequences are also high so that area is highly risky and
that will be tested first.

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what is risk based testing ?..

Answer / saritha v r

S graph is a graph, that you can plot taking x axis
probability of the risk (frequency of occurrence) and y axis
as the impact of the risk.

then test the requirements mapped to the quadrant in which
the impact and occurrence is high, (right top quadrant) ,
then test the next quadrant (left top) with high impact low
probability, then test next quadrant (bottom right) low
impact but high probability.then at last (if time and money
test fourth quadrant (left bottom) with both impact and
occurrence is low.
the graph will be having S shape.

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what is risk based testing ?..

Answer / aman


Plz give me some more clarifications.

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what is risk based testing ?..

Answer / lisa

Risk based testing is the term used for an approach to
creating test strategy that is based on priortizing tests
by risk. the basis of an approach is detailed risk
analiysis and prioritizing of risks by risk level. test to
address each risk are then specified, starting with the
higher risk first

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what is risk based testing ?..

Answer / mamta


Could u explain me what is S-graph?

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what is risk based testing ?..

Answer / other website admin

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