Explain the matric of eigrp protocol?

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Port selection is done at which layer of OSI reference model?????

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what is LAPB

2 Answers   ASD Lab,

Which layer is responsible for synchronizing sending and receiving applications? A.) Presentation B.) Session C.) Transport D.) Application E.) Network

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Identify the 3 methods routers learn paths to destinations? A.) Dynamic routing B.) None of the above, configured by default C.) Default routes D.) Administrative distance E.) Static routes

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Which command line statement determines the number of seconds a dialup connection can wait without any traffic before the router hangs up? A.) dialler max-time B.) dialler timeout C.) dialer idle-timeout D.) dialer hang-up E.) disconnect-timer

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The ICMP (referred to in RFC 1700) is implented by all TCP/IP hosts. A. true B. false

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With distance vector routing protocols, it is never useful to send the same routing update packet back out the same interface that it was learned. This concept is called what? A.) Holddown timers B.) Poison Reverse C.) Count to infinity D.) Split Horizon E.) Link State

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Identify the 3 pieces of hardware you would not install to prevent broadcasts? A.) Switch B.) Repeater C.) Bridge D.) Router

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ip dhcp excluded-address what is the use of that command can any one explain it

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Which multicast ip eigrp protocol use?

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Identify the command to configure DLCI 100 on an interface e0? A.) Router(config)# frame-relay local-dlci 100 B.) Router(config)# frame-relay local-dlci 100 int e0 C.) Router(config-if)# frame-relay local-dlci 100 D.) Router(config-if)# frame-relay local-dlci 100 int e0

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Which switching technology can reduce the size of a broadcast domain? A.) Cut-Through B.) Store-and-Forward C.) Spanning Tree Protocol D.) RARP E.) ARP F.) VLAN

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