Tell us the use of fflush() function in c language?

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What is sizeof int?

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What's wrong with the call "fopen ("c:\newdir\file.dat", "r")"?

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what is y value of the code if input x=10 y=5; if (x==10) else if(x==9) elae y=8; a.9 b.8 c.6 d.7

4 Answers   TCS,

Explain what is a pragma?

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if the total selling price of 15 items and the total profit earned on them is input through the keyboard, write a program to find the cost price of one of the item

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How to print all the 26 alphabets in this order in C. AbCdEfGh..... it should print dynamically from a to z and do not print this using pgm like this print("Ab......"); Use loops or anything to print all alphabets

2 Answers   Hexaware,

write a sorting prgm to sort 50 nos and sum them and also remove all the occurrences of 15 and print it?

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main() { clrscr(); } clrscr();

6 Answers   Wipro, ME,

How do I create a directory? How do I remove a directory (and its contents)?

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What is the advantage of using #define to declare a constant?

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Describe the order of precedence with regards to operators in C.

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How does placing some code lines between the comment symbol help in debugging the code?

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