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What do you do (with the project tasks) when the schedule fails?

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What is Statement Testing

6 Answers   Ness Technologies,

what are the stages/statuses in the life cycle of a defect?

6 Answers   Accenture,

I need some help. Could you solve this query i got this query the other day. Any help would be appreciated Write down any potential problems or omissions from this Fault Log Fault no: 278 Environment: Windows 98 Priority:3 Tester:Author Application: Web testing Description When i log onto the screen DF342 I should be able to delete records. However when trying to delete records an error message appears telling mw that im not authorized Response: 25 Aug: Programmer: Security needs to be setup providing access to the delete facility- No error 26 Aug:Tester: We had Security up and it doesnt seem to work- I have reopened this fault

1 Answers  

how to write test cases both negative and positive .source to destination and booking form

0 Answers  

integration testing is followed by a)unit testing b) system testing c) acceptance testing d) regression testing

3 Answers  

What problem you have right now or in the past? How you solved it?

5 Answers   UBS,

Difference between re testing and regression testing, smoke and sanity testing

9 Answers   Mphasis, Wipro,

diffrence between defect and bug life cycle

3 Answers  

How do ensure that we prepared Test cases for all the requiremets.. or how do we ensure that we didn't missed out any we prepare any Tracebility matrix.. can anybody answer this question...

2 Answers  

what is meant by spiral model?explain with picture?

3 Answers   TCS,

On one of my form there are three text boxes for 1.To Enter Survey no.-Special characters / and - allowed in input and 2.Village Name 3.Project Name all having Input Range 2 to 50 char.and One SUBMIT button on form then How many Test cases can I write for Funtion Testing of Above fields and button

1 Answers  

Write Test Strategy for Hot mail Login Screen?

2 Answers