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Domestic and wild animals

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Domestic and wild animals..

Answer / guest

Domestic and wild animals:- As the natural vegetation has
disappeared from over large areas in our country or in any
other country, so the wild animals have also disappeared
from there. At present we have to go to the mountain or the
thick forest or wild uninhabited lands to find the thick
forests or wild uninhabited lands to find the wild animals.
The tiger, the elephant, the wild buffaloes and the lions
are few examples of the wild animals found in our country.

Domestic animals are those
which have been trained or domesticated by the man for his
useful work. Horses, ponies, mules, donkeys, camels, oxen,
buffaloes are a few examples of domestic animals giving us
needful creditable services

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Domestic and wild animals..

Answer / eve

domestic animals live with humans. wild animals dont.

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Domestic and wild animals..

Answer / richu kurian

domestic animals is friendly animals . they lives withus

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Domestic and wild animals..

Answer / sam

Domestication or taming is the process whereby a population
of animals or plants, through a process of selection,
becomes accustomed to human provision and control. A
defining characteristic of domestication is artificial
selection by humans. Some species such as the Asian
Elephant, numerous members of which have for many centuries
been used as working animals, are not domesticated because
they have not normally been bred under human control, even
though they have been commonly tamed. Humans have brought
these populations under their care for a wide range of
reasons: to produce food or valuable commodities (such as
wool, cotton, or silk), for help with various types of work
(such as transportation or protection), for protection of
themselves and livestock, to enjoy as companions or
ornamental plant, and for scientific research, such as
finding cures for certain diseases.

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Domestic and wild animals..

Answer / gobinath

domestic will friends but wild is not to be friends

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Domestic and wild animals..

Answer / saania

No doubt that domestic animals are friendly but it is wrong that wild animals cannot be friendly.we all knows that dog is basically the wild animal but that is also 2much is not necessary that wild animal cannot be friendly and domestic animals also be wild.nobody can take the Garanty who can do what?

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