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About work experience ?

About work experience ?..

Answer / thakkar mohini r

I am Thakkar Mohini.

As per my personal experiance and knowledge there is no age
for getting experiance form any work and if you want to go
up than never point out any seat small or littele.

I am 19 years old and i done job since i was in 10th std.
First i had done work in Saries Show Room and my timing was
4.00pm to 10.00pm and salary was 500/- but within 15 days
only because of my good work my salary was increased to
800/- after 1.5 years i was change job and join Spectacle's
showroom and there was my salary 1000/- timing is same,
thenafter in 12th std one International Company has
proposed me for job of Computer Operator and ther my timing
was 2.00 (noon) to 6.00 and salary 2000/- and after 12
months i left that job willingly as i want to be an
advoacte so i want some experiance of that field and
surprisingly i was selected by my present boss only within
5 minute's interview and now my salary is 5000 at the age
of 19 years only and with great experiance of law.

Thus, please always give respect to your job whatever it is
it is your livelyhood, any each thing should teach you
somethingnew and interesting. Never thing that youbecomes
big by earning 10 to 20 thousand but always think that this
is less and you have to earn more and for that you have to
work more. My hobby is hardworking and earn money. That is
why i am here but it is not sufficient i want to be an
Advoacte a big and non-corrupted Advocate.

So i have experince of Cloth Line, Spectacales, Govgels,
Lences, Frames, Gift Articles, And by work of Computer
Operator I am able to take dictation on computer also, and
i am doing data entry work at home. And my knowledge of law
is also.

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