Alternating voltage and current is which type of quantities?

Answer / rakesh patel

It is neither vector nor scalar quantity. It is phaser quantity.

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1)why the transformer rating in KVA insted of KW 2)why the secondary of ct is shorted and why the PT secondary is open

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What will happened if the neutral of the (star connected secondry) Xformer disconnected? (if its Above KVA rated one)

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what is difference between armoured cable and un armoured cable

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How to prepare electrical preventive maintenance plan & shedule of machine tools in manufacturing unit.

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what is mean by amf

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How you calculating the 30 Hp 3 phase AC motor of power what size of cable is used for this motor?

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I have two AC generators, the first rated 2680KVA for 380V/4345A/pf:0.7 and the second rated 3461KVA for 5500V/363A/pf:0.8. I want to parallel the two generator to a bus. The second generator passes through a transformer to down the voltage to 380V and a part of its power goes to another bus so that it's only a part of the total power of the second generator taht goes to the considered bus. I have two Basler DECS100 AVR regulator. How can I make the synchronization ? What others equipments must have ?

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how can service sitting be setted for MCCB?Example for sittings IR (CURRENT RATING),IS(CURRENT STARTING) I O (current operating)?

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what is current actully?significance of current...not rate of change of flow.....

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Why earthing is required, and what effect in earthing result is more than 5 ohm and less than 5 or equal to 0 ohm

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why in transformers voltage given is in the multiple of 11

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Cables Construction hi friends, 0.6/1/1.2 kV LV , DC and Control cables are concentric copper conductor what does its means and what is the use of concentric copper conductor,and are this with copper tape shield or copper screening, ? thanks

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